Sweetie - The World's Strangest Dog

My husband has the biggest heart in the world.  With three dogs already underfoot, he found another
down by the bullring.  She is an Italian Greyhound, and she was starving and covered with mange.
Nevertheless, he brought her home, and we nursed her back to health.

Sweetie has the broadest vocal range of any dog I have ever seen.  When she uses her big dog voice, she
sounds like a Rottweiler.  She is extremely timid since she spent much of her life on the street
being abused.  She nearly starved to death, and malnutrition caused her eyesight to be very
poor.  Since she cannot see clearly, any movement outside the front gate sends her into
hysterical barking.  She isn't barking at what she thinks she sees.  Rather, she's barking at Poco,
the alpha male, to try and get him to do something to protect the pack.

She is very difficult to handle since she doesn't like to be approached, and she doesn't come when
called.  All efforts to train her have been resisted.  She is content to hide under Gregg's desk much of
the time, and she does inform him when anyone else enters the room by getting up on her hind legs
and giving his arm a lick.

Any serious handling of Sweetie requires a muzzle, so it's always a big deal when the vet comes to give all the dogs
their immunizations.  It's like a four-ring circus.  Yes, the vet, like our doctor, makes house calls here in Costa Rica. 
Very accommodating, and very convenient.

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