Our Little Buddy...

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...rescued from a street corner in La Fortuna...

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...and now a permanent member of our family.

He's about one year old now, and we decided to do
the (almost) unmentionable and have him "snipped". 
So, he's suffering a bit at the moment and definitely
in a recuperation mode.  His little girlfriend (now platonic,
of course), Rosita, aka "Cookie", have a great time together.

Update:  Buddy gave it a great go for five years before he passed away
from ehrlichia... a disease passed by ticks.  He came to us with it, and we
managed to control it for a very long time with the help of our wonderful
veterinarian, Jorge Rodriguez.  There will never be another Buddy.

Cookie also passed away, and her little son, Capitán, took
her place across the street.  Lots of changes in ten years.

Here are some memories of the Bud:

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